Homipalooza 2008

This week I will be attending an annual sermon planning event near Greenville, SC, where six or seven of my closest colleagues and I will try to map out our preaching for an entire year.  Last year we decided to call this event “Homipalooza,” from Homiletics (the art of preaching) and Palooza (which is apparently some kind of crazy party).  Imagine seven or eight Baptist preachers sitting around in blue jeans planning their preaching for a year and any notion of crazy partying will quickly fade.  There are lots of books involved, manilla folders, three-ring binders, endless discussions, theological debates, and abundant snacks (OK, maybe it is a party).  If we do it well, at the end of the week we will each come away with a handful of notes and a few good ideas for every Sunday of the year.  Even if we don’t do it well, we will have had some time to talk about our work with people who understand it, who know what it’s like to try to meet a long list of expectations each week (usually our own) and still find time to write a sermon.

So, if you don’t see regular updates on this site in the next few days don’t give up.  I’ll be back before Sunday and eager to preach.  And in the meantime I’ll be whooping it up in Greenville, surrounded by a bunch of Baptist preachers, books, manilla folders, and three-ring binders. 

Woo Hoo.

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