God Bless the DMV!

Those of you who read the post “Gender Confusion” know that the new driver’s license I got at the Department of Motor Vehicles identified me as a “female.”  Although I didn’t file a formal complaint, you can imagine my delight at receiving this comment on that post:

Pastor Jim, please allow me to apologize on behalf of DMV for your recent unfavorable encounter with us. As a state agency, DMV literally comes in contact with more customers than any other agency in the Commonwealth. We make every effort to comply with the hundreds of laws that the legislators (people representatives) pass annually and at the same time provide our customer with the very best service we can.

We are directly and indirectly involved in millions of transactions; and out of those millions we are proud to say that our error rate is extremely low. But, we do make mistakes.

Our mission is to promote security, safety and service and our vision is to provide PEAK (People Ethics Accuracy Knowledge) service— everyone, every time.

Again, I am very sorry that you were the beneficiary of less than the high standard of service we strive to provide each and every one of our customers.

If I can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gerald Slade, Deputy Director, Field Operations

Well, thank you, Mr. Slade!  If I have ever uttered an unkind word about the Department of Motor Vehicles I take it back.  And oh, by the way, about that vanity license plate…do you make one that says:

2 thoughts on “God Bless the DMV!

  1. The folks at DMV were so friendly this morning. I waltzed in a little after nine and within the hour had registered my vehicle, picked up some new (non-vanity) tags, and had my picture taken for a brand new driver’s license. I checked carefully, and this time there was a little “M” on the front instead of an “F.” That’s right, friends, in just under an hour the DMV made a man out of me! No wonder it’s my favorite agency in the Commonwealth.

  2. love the license plate!!!! can i get one that says dmv loves me??? so happy pastor Jim they finally got the matter resolved for you

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