What a Friend I Have in Jesus?

jesusHere’s one for the record:

I joined Facebook at the suggestion of our media minister, David Powers, who assured me that this social-networking web site would be an excellent way to stay in touch with our membership.  He was right about that.  On Facebook I have become “friends” with most of the youth of  Richmond’s First Baptist Church, and a number of other people like myself who are probably too old to understand what the youth are talking about (I’ve suggested that we start our own social-networking site called “Pruneface,” but so far no one has taken me up on the idea ).  Still, we have swapped photos, traded compliments, and had a few good laughs.  It really is a “friendly” place on the Internet, and you can add to your network of friends by sending a “friend request” to someone else.

So, I thought I would ask Jesus to be my friend.

I typed his name in the “Friend Finder” box and sent my request.  Within seconds I had a long list of responses.  The first was a guy named Jesus Edgardo Garcia Briales (no surprise there, really), but next on the list was “theLord andSaviour JesusChrist.” 

I was surprised to see that Jesus and I shared only one mutual friend (good for you, Meredith), but even more surprised to see that “theLord andSaviour JesusChrist” had only 11 Facebook friends total.  How sad!  So I sent him a friend request right away.  Facebook told me that “theLord” would have to confirm that we were friends before adding me to his list (which was a little embarrassing), but while I was waiting a box popped up with pictures of some of my other Facebook friends and this suggestion: “Select friends of yours who know theLord.”   Well!  Nearly all my friends know theLord.  They might be offended if a box popped up on their computer screen announcing: “theLord wants to be your friend.”

On the other hand, they might be honored.  I know I would.  I sent my friend request to theLord nearly six hours ago and I still haven’t gotten a confirmation. 

Come on, Jesus.  Don’t leave me hanging.  It’s nearly 7:30 on a Friday night…

I could use a friend.

2 thoughts on “What a Friend I Have in Jesus?

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha. i really want to classify myself as “in an open relationship” with him, but you have to confirm that to, and, well, if he rejects me, that just might get awkward.

  2. I know this comment is out of sequence but I guess that’s ok.

    I did a small informal poll in missions last week and found that none of the women thought their husbands washed the dishes properly.

    Just a data point.

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