Ain’t Got Time to Blog

Dear Readers:

Please excuse my silence over the past few days. My weekend was packed and now I’m on my second day of an off-site staff retreat where we are discussing what it means to be “missional.”

If you have time, you can read the short article we’ve been looking at (click here) and help us answer the question: What’s the difference between saying “The church has a mission” and “The mission has a church”?

Until the next time I’ve got time,


3 thoughts on “Ain’t Got Time to Blog

  1. I heard a great talk one time about how the church should be like an embassy on foreign soil. It should not be a place where people go to retreat from the world, but rather a place that demonstrates and projects what God’s Kingdom is like.

    Think of the American Embassy in Some remote country. It upholds the laws and freedoms of the US even though it is on foreign ground.

    So our church should behave like small embassies that uphold and demonstrate, and project God’s laws and image to the place where it’s planted – in your case, Richmond.

    Hmmm… that doesn’t really explain what I wanted to say. Oh well. You get the picture.

    P.S. I haven’t read the article yet, so I might have veered WAY off course.

  2. “The church has a mission” vs. “The mission has a church”. Is this one of those- which came first.. the chickission or the egghurch questions? Good question to ponder. Definitely not paltry … or is that poultry?

    I think “The church has a mission” implies emphasis of importance on the church. “The mission has a church” seems to imply The Mission is more important. (Which I would agree ) Either way, the church is a tool to implement and carry out “The Mission”……..Sounds like work to me.

    My best to you and yours.

  3. We as Christians don’t often stop to consider these kind of questions, but when we do it can be transforming. God transforms our minds when we are reminded of His perspective, the mission has a church… For me it also helps me think we should consider (as the article says) our whole lives and not be contstrained by the walls of our church, the team/committee structure, the way we’ve always done it, looking at only our “small groups” or Sunday School classes. Then the call gets more uncomfortable at first, but then greater comfort comes when the source of comfort is the right one!

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