You’re not getting older, you’re getting better…discounts!

cake-6Yesterday it was my birthday,
I hung one more year on the line;
I should be depressed, my life’s a mess,
But I’m having a good time.

                                           —Paul Simon


Yesterday it was my birthday, and if the birthday cards are correct I’ve hung a total of fifty years on the line.  Maybe I should be depressed, but I’m not.  And maybe my life should be a mess, but it doesn’t feel that way.  Am I having a good time?  You betcha.  And the next time I post on this blog I’m sure you will notice a difference in the amount of wisdom I am able to share, because if you don’t get wiser as you get older, then really,

What’s the point?

P.S. Thanks to the many of you who have sent good wishes my way.  The birthday cards and Facebook greetings have been much appreciated, and I’m working my way through that jar of fifty cookies (Marge) one delicious bite at a time.

2 thoughts on “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better…discounts!

  1. When I brought my Guardian Place charges to church today, we noticed a bunch of yellow balloons hanging on your railing. We were glad to see that you had a family celebration. I hope you wore your King For A Day crown. It doesn’t happen but one time; you don’t get another opportunity to be fifty! Hang on to it, though, the next big one is 75; you won’t be embarrassed to wear it then.

    Happy BIG day. I hope you all enjoyed your day.

    Fondly, Marge

  2. Personal and Confidential

    Belated happy birthday to you, “geezer” ;> Seriously, hope you had a good one. I will remember you in prayer for God’s blessings. For some reason, I had not realized that your birthday was in March though I did know that you were in your late 40s. On Holy Saturday, the day before Easter that year, March 24, 1951, my brother Martin was born at 1:10 AM and I was born at 1:20 AM at the old Kings Mountain Memorial Hospital in Bristol, Virginia. We were a month premature(I only weighed 3 pounds but have made up for it exponentially), but apparently the Lord decided we would be an Easter gift to Mom and Dad (Dad said that we “looked like a couple of little possums”, Mom says that she was so “out of it, she did not remember it was Easter until a long time later). Anyway, at least you are just now turned 50, still a youngster, and not an ol’ geezerly 58 and having had a respiratory “bug” on your birthday like I have had. May God bless you and yours and may there be many more happy birthdays for you! Respectfully, Marshall

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