What Would You Do?

n652155682_1109711_4490My brother Billy is 32, single, and a wonderful musician (and that’s only the beginning).  About two years ago someone spotted this graffito on the wall of the women’s restroom at one of the places where he had played.  Apparently this woman didn’t know what to do except pour her heart out in a public place with a Magic Marker.  What would you do?  And, more importantly, what should Billy do with information like that?

Bonus: If you’d like to hear some of Billy’s music make sure your speakers are on and then click HERE.

Double Bonus: Here is some more (and more recent) music from Billy.  Click HERE and then check out tracks 3, 6, and 10, which Billy wrote.  He sings on those tracks and a handful of others on this very fine CD.

7 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. I do not have any first-hand knowledge of Billy’s admirer, but I do have a great idea for setting him up. Call me–we’ll talk.


  2. Jim, I’m simultaneously flattered and appalled. You may have just started a blog war….

    Oh, and I heart you.


  3. OK. I am too old (and I am such a music lover!) but my daughter is 35 and single. Do you think she is too old for Billy? Smile.

    PS)This blog subject should make for some very interesting comments 🙂

  4. My favorite song that your brother sings is called “Like a Little Child”. Every time I hear that song I remember how my neices and nephews would just dance their little hearts out to whatever music was being played on the computer. They just danced because they were happy and they loved music. Please tell your brother I said “Great job!” And, by the way, I also enjoyed Sunday’s sermon!! You did a super job!!

  5. No worries, Billy. With the help of our Pastor’s Blog, email, and Facebook, this woman should be able to catch up with you any day now . . .

  6. And, more importantly, what should Billy do with information like that?

    Do what other musicians do… Write a song about it. Judging by the photo of the restroom wall, it might make for some dandy C&W lyrics.

    Sorry, I’m more practicle than romantic. Good luck

  7. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! ~And made me laugh out loud as I decided to check your blog today for some inspiration and found Billy’s lovey-dovey graffiti instead! Poor girl. LOL

    (Don’t worry, I dug around and found inspiration too 🙂

    Rock on Billy Boy! and I agree with CP… Write a song about it.

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