Jokes Preachers Tell

humor_image_250w_tnThe Festival of Homiletics was so full of good preaching, teaching, singing, and praying that I can’t even begin to sum it up here.  If the word festival is related in any way to the word feast (and I think it is), it was that—a feast that left me feeling deliciously full. 

One of the things preachers do at these conferences is to tell their best jokes, and the best joke I heard last week was this one: 

A pastor once finished his sermon only to be greeted by a woman who gushed, “Oh, Pastor!  That was superfluous!  That was the most superfluous sermon I’ve ever heard!”  “Well, thank you,” the pastor said, with an ironic smile.  “I’m thinking of having it published posthumously.”  “Oh, yes!” the woman replied.  “Yes, yes!  The sooner the better!”


3 thoughts on “Jokes Preachers Tell

  1. Jim,

    Your joke is similar to one I received in a deacons’ meeting. One contrary deacon (that’s almost redundant) was trying to put me on the spot during a heated deacons’ meeting. In his criticism of my preaching and sermons, he concluded by saying: “and, you don’t preach any suppository sermons!!” After the laughter subsided, I told him he could apply my sermons wherever they were needed!

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