The Rise and Fall of Gen-X Ministries

Here’s an interesting article on how some of the megachurches have tried to tailor worship for twentysomethings, and what they have learned as a result.  It’s another glimpse into the thinking, belief, and behavior of these young adults who are so precious to God but often uninterested in “going to church.”

I referenced this article in an earlier post (“When Cool Music Isn’t Enough“) but the online edition wasn’t yet available.  Now it is.

Read the article by clicking HERE.

4 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Gen-X Ministries

  1. When FBC had a twenty-somethings Thursday night program in the 90’s I was in my 40s and at the time, there was nothing corporate for we boomers outside of Sunday school. Therefore some of we boomers attended. The sexual tension among the 20 somethings was so apparent (and amusing) that we boomers were asked not to come. Perhaps it was intimidating since we were “old” enough to be their parents.

    Whether the then Minister with Singles had another night for us, I don’t know. I left FBC in late ’99.

    In my 27 years at First Baptist, I can attest that the church always reached out to young adults.

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