Virginia State Fair, 2009

flyingI went to the fair with my daughter Ellie this year.  I’d love to tell you all about it, but she did such a good job on her own blog site, I’ll let her tell you herself.  Click HERE for Ellie’s experience of a perfect fair on a perfect day, including her video coverage of the incredible pig race!  

And when you get a chance rent the classic film from 1945, “State Fair.”  We watched it together last night and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I can’t believe people used to get that dressed up to stroll the midway!  Or, that a whole crowd of people would suddenly break into song at the prompting of the band leader.  Those were the days, weren’t they?

One thought on “Virginia State Fair, 2009

  1. State fairs mean the fall, and pumpkins, scarlet leaves, a nip in the air. Shorter days, longer nights all go to bring autumn. Summer, unwilling to go away, tugs at daytime temperatures, but evenings tell the story of Mother Nature putting trees to sleep. It is amazing to celebrate the changing seasons.

    At IMB Connecting here on the second floor, Volunteer coordinator Chris Traylor has a meaningful statement about the fall. Here it is:
    A Christian life is like a
    pumpkin! God picks you
    from the patch, brings
    you in, and washes all the
    dirt off you. Then He
    cuts off the top and
    scoops out all of the
    yucky stuff. He removes
    the seeds of doubt, hate,
    and greed. Then He
    carves you a new smiling
    face and puts His light in-
    side of you to shine for all
    of the world to see.”
    —IMB Connecting
    Chris Traylor

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