Is A Child’s Life Worth Three Dollars?

20311I mentioned in worship last Sunday that a $6 mosquito net will keep an average of two children in Africa from dying of malaria.  That means that $3 could save the life of a single child.  The question is: is it worth it?

T. Thomas, who has served as a foreign missionary with both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, is now heading up a non-profit called “His Nets.”  I heard T. speak in Oklahoma City last week, and he talked about asking a group of women in Ghana how many of them had lost a child to malaria.

Every hand went up.

“Now think about the church you serve,” he said.  “If you asked your congregation how many of them had lost a child to malaria, how many hands would go up?” 


That story, and that question, have haunted me in the past week.  Instead of spending dollars I’ve been counting lives.  Coffee on Tuesday was $1.85, or a little more than half a life.  Lunch today was a little more than $7, or just over two lives.  The fleece cap I bought this afternoon to keep my head warm while I’m backpacking in the Guadalupe Mountains?  Nearly seven lives.

I know there are thousands of good causes to give money to, and I’m not trying to get you to take up this one.  I’m just telling you how it has affected me.  I’m probably going to put a jar on my kitchen table and start collecting loose coins and bills, giving up a cup of coffee or two during the week (ouch!), or skipping lunch from time to time and using that time to pray for Africa.

I have two daughters.  Thank God, they are healthy and strong.  But what if they’d been born in Africa and I couldn’t afford a mosquito net?  And what if somebody in this country didn’t think it was worth $6 to send one?

God help us.


Click HERE to download a free brochure from “His Nets”

2 thoughts on “Is A Child’s Life Worth Three Dollars?

  1. When I read this blog, it just reminded me of the choices we have on our First Baptist “Missions Offering” envelope. My 10% tithe is not much to begin with, and when I include Missions offerings, I never know where to donate – which does the most good (?) who is most needy (?) and on and on . . . how do we make these decisions?

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