Higher Ground

RainierJust after worship today I will head to the airport to catch a flight to Dallas, Texas.  I’ll be away for a week, backpacking in Guadalupe Mountains National Park with my friends Chuck Treadwell and Joe Perez.  Here’s a picture from another trip—Mount Rainier in the summer of 2005—just to give you an idea of why I do it.  Yes, I’m grizzled and footsore in this picture, but I’m sipping hot tea on the Wonderland Trail, with Mount Rainier looming over my left shoulder. 

It doesn’t get any better than that.

3 thoughts on “Higher Ground

  1. What a wonderful opportunity to feel closer to God. That picture looks as if you really took to nature. I was in RIO CALIENTE, just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico last March. There was a 200-foot high green waterfall, and I stood by it, feeling hundreds of degrees of heat. I wondered then how the good Lord made that, and I still marvel at His creations. The groundwater, springs, and all streams in the ares there at RIO CALIENTE were a hundred and ninety degrees.

    So, it is a good thing that you get to go back to a place of miracles and meditation. Come back safe and soon.

    Veramente, questa e miravigliosa, e mas que nada.

    Adios, amigo.
    Trisha Grizzard

  2. Hope you’ve had a wonderful week! possibly without the rain of the Eastern seaboard — it’s been a really wet one here, but when God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world, or so they tell me. Blessings,

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