Too busy to blog!

I’ve been preaching at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church this week, a different sermon every day, and I find that between that and my regular duties blogging has fallen off the to-do list.  Let me share a paragraph from my St. Paul’s preaching, just so you can get a feel for what I’ve been up to:


Yesterday I told the story of the time my daughter and I built a sandcastle too close to the ocean, and how we were surprised when the first wave lapped up against the walls.  That story was a metaphor of the way the rising tide of a changing culture is threatening the institutional church.  And in the same way my daughter said, “Daddy, do something!” churches seem to want their leaders to do something to save the institution, to reverse the flow of culture, to make it 1955 again.  My daughter and I did what we could to save our sandcastle: we built a huge floodwall and dug a moat.  We joined hands, faced the water, and said, “Go away waves!”  But there was a whole ocean out there, and the tide was coming in.  In the end our beautiful castle crumbled and the waves washed it away.  My daughter looked up at me and said, “Now what?” and I said, “Let’s go swimming.”  That’s what I want to talk about today, about how to stop building floodwalls and digging moats around our churches, about how to stop joining hands and telling the rising tide of culture to “go away.” I want to talk about how to wade out into the world God loves and learn how to swim.


More later.  Thanks for your patience.


3 thoughts on “Too busy to blog!

  1. Well, the people at the St. Paul’s Lent service have been well blessed to have you preaching there! Hopefully they gave you lunch! They always have great lunches there, too! And in preaching, at St. Paul’s, at First Baptist and elsewhere, you are certainly “sowing the seed”, sending out the word of God. In a devotional I read, earlier this week, Isaiah 55:10-11 was quoted which says, “Thus says the LORD:

    Just as from the heavens
    the rain and snow come down
    And do not return there
    till they have watered the earth,
    making it fertile and fruitful,
    Giving seed to the one who sows
    and bread to the one who eats,
    So shall my word be
    that goes forth from my mouth;
    It shall not return to me void,
    but shall do my will,
    achieving the end for which I sent it.”

    Apparently we are to go out and “sow the seed” of God’s Word, no matter what the culture, and let God nurture it bringing about growth according to God’s purposes. You surely do a great job of that!

  2. I’ll add my affirmation to the one above! (And I appreciate his comments about the good lunches!) The Lenten Lunch community is delighted you have brought “heaven to earth” in dowtown Richmond this week. I’ve heard many good comments such as “he’s so right” “I love the stories” “aren’t FBC folks fortunate” and others. We do thank you for adding a full week to your busy Lenten schedule, and so will the beneficiaries of our work when we divide up the profits at the end!

  3. Yes, indeed what a treat for the entire community to have you at St. Paul’s this past week! I also add my affirmation to the two above. We at FBC are truly blessed! And, I heard many say that this week. Thank you for taking on extra assignments such as this.

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