I’m heading to Mexico for two weeks, half of which will be spent relaxing in Puerto Escondito, and the other half visiting my brother Ed, a missionary in Cuernavaca.  I would appreciate your prayers for safe travel and safe return, and when I get back…

…there will be stories to tell!

4 thoughts on “Mexico

  1. I will miss seeing you on Sunday morning. You make the story so interesting. You can draw all cultures into your congregation if you only continue. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing the will of the father. Thanks

  2. Jim,

    I will put you on my prayer list as you travel to Mexico, I hope you have a wonderful time visting your brother and relax in the sun.

    I am leaving for Europe with Becky and her group tomorrow Friday May 14, for 10 days ending with a visit to the Passion Play.

    Do you think the church will be safe with both of us gone 🙂

  3. You are missed, but our prayers are with you for certain. Trust that you and Ed will make the most of your time together. Have fun! Be sure to drink bottled water with your jalapenos! Will continue to pray for your safe journey.

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