Catherine’s Home!

My daughter Catherine has been doing an internship at the Smithsonian this summer.  It sounds very glamorous until you realize that she’s been working with the annual Folklife Festival, which means that for the past two weeks she’s been wearing her “Staff” T-shirt while enduring the heat and the crowds on the National Mall.  Nonetheless she can’t seem to stop smiling, and on the way home last night she talked non-stop about the people she’s met and the connections she’s made.  She talked about picking up trash alongside one of the curators at the Smithsonian, and watching indigenous Mexicans whirl around a 40-foot tall pole, suspended by their feet, and the possibility of doing some work with the Peace Corps after she finishes college…

And that was just the first ten minutes.

It does a parent’s heart good to get that kind of report from a daughter, to hear her happy and excited.  And to wake up this morning—knowing that she is in the house, catching up on some much-needed sleep—well, that does a parent’s heart good, too.  Sure, the living room is full of the stuff we dragged in from the car and dropped there last night, and yes I still have to haul most of it up the stairs to her room.  But not now.  Not while she’s sleeping.  Not while the house is still breathing a sigh of gratitude, and her dad is thanking God that…

Catherine’s home.

Thanks to Skye Hallman for the picture, and for being Catherine’s wonderful youth minister and friend for all these years.

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