Please Don’t Hate Me…

…but this was the view from my uncle’s kitchen in Hawaii, where I’ve been for the last few days.  I don’t really have time to say more this morning, as I’m working away furiously on Sunday’s sermon, but I’ve come home grateful for a few days away in such a beautiful place, feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to get on with the work of the Kingdom.  Let me just say that if the mission of the church is to “bring heaven to earth,” there are some places where it has already touched down.

4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Hate Me…

  1. Good for You! Hate is not the word — envy is more like it, I suspect for most of us! Glad you could “scratch two itches with one scratch” and get some refreshment with family & beauty while doing the important job of renewing your own mission and purpose!

  2. Hate you? No, no, no. Every pastor of The First Baptist Church of……… should have the pineapple experience:) How was the road trip to Hanna in the white Mustang convertable with the seas crashing on the white sandy beaches as you drove along under a full moon?:) Been there and touched the face of God:):):):) Steven Netcott

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