My Friend Meesha

I’m concerned about my friend Meesha today. 

I’ve had her in my thoughts and prayers for the last few months, but when I opened the Richmond Times-Dispatch today there she was, on the front page of the Metro section, in a fairy costume.

Meesha is 3. 

I got acquainted with her when her parents invited me to have lunch with them more than a year ago.  I love Indian food, and Jerusha outdid herself, cooking up a traditional meal and serving it there in her seminary apartment.  I enjoyed talking theology with her husband Moses while we waited for lunch, but as much as anything I enjoyed watching Meesha moving from one small task to another, her face a mask of concentration, as if she were the one preparing lunch and not her mother. 


So, when I learned a few months ago that she had been diagnosed with cancer, something clutched up inside me.  I started saying prayers then and I’ve been saying them since as I’ve followed her progress on Jerusha’s Facebook page.  Here’s an entry from a couple of months ago:

It’s a beautiful day. Meesha was bright this morning after 12 hrs of her first cycle of chemotherapy and I enjoyed combing her black, silky, shiny hair and clipping her pink bow. I love watching her pop pieces of “tylenol candy” into her mouth any time of the day—day or night. She is slowly getting used to nurses recording vital signs as she sometimes voluntarily lifts her arm to be recorded. She says “beeping” when her monitor beeps and says “don’t cry dada” when her dad weeps.

For those of you not on Moses’ Facebook list, Meesha has Neuroblastoma, Stage 4. Her primary tumor surrounds her aorta and cannot be surgically removed at this stage. Cancer has reached some bones and is aggressive. Our super doctors have aggressively started treatment in wonderful time. We have a long and dreary road ahead of us of 5 different treatments but feel a total sense of calm: we are in the good hands of our cheery nurses and teams of doctors, having access to great technology, surrounded by the love and prayers of every friend and family member.

Hugs to all of you for walking this journey with us sharing in our pain.

I just wanted you to know that I’m walking with you today Jerusha, Moses, and Meesha, and sharing with you in your pain.

See the slideshow from the Richmond Times-Dispatch by clicking HERE.

5 thoughts on “My Friend Meesha

  1. I am sitting up late, feeling like I am getting the same gastric virus that my wife Sandra and daughter Beth have had. It’s a bit messy and apparently passes in around 24 to 48 hours. After writing this and praying for healing for my wife, daughter and myself, and whining pitifully to the Lord, I will take some medicine which will help ease my symptoms and lay low until the “bug” passes. However, as I just read about dear, precious Meesha, I feel ashamed of myself for feeling sorry for myself at all. She has a disease exponentially worse than mine and a long, uncomfortable, difficult road ahead of her yet she is enduring it with strength and patience. I pray for God’s blessings and protection of Meesha and her parents and for God’s total healing of Meesha. As I go through my brief illness, I will think of her and pray for her. May God keep her in God’s tender care and heal her!

  2. I live in India…Jerusha was my sunday school friend and we are related too. Was deeply moved and shocked on reading this…never knew. This is just to let you know Jerusha we are all praying much for Meesha…we believe in Miracles and in a wonderful Saviour. he will carry you through my friend…Jesus Christ is faithful.

  3. Dear Jerusha the pain you live through everyday is definitely unbearable but as you trust in God and see Him do a miracle is unforgettable. Lets claim a miracle by faith today and thank Him for the complete healing nd cure He is going to bring to the little one. “I am the Lord that heals” , ” I will bring them health nd cure” ” is there anything too hard for me” please join me in claiming these wonderful promises. Luv. Persis

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