Since you asked…

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Several people have asked for pictures from the wedding of Josh Pierce and Kavita John in Bangalore, which I officiated.  Here are some good ones posted by Sarah Simon, cousin of the bride, on her Facebook page.  You’ll notice the wedding activities taking place at St. John’s church, including the bride’s nervous walk down the aisle with her dad, exchanging vows at the altar in front of Rev. Paul, listening as I deliver a sermon during the wedding, and then rejoicing with family afterward.  One of the pictures in this collection is of me with my good friend Miriam Rajkumar, also a cousin of the bride, who was vice-chair of the deacons at First Baptist, DC, before moving back to her home in Dubai in 2005.  How about that shot of the bridesmaids in their gorgeous orange saris?  And then there’s Emily, the flower girl, mugging with her flower basket on her head.

Some things never change…

3 thoughts on “Since you asked…

  1. Thank you for sharing these photos. It looks like it would have been a very interesting experience for you. Best wishes to the bride and groom and their families.

  2. What beautiful pictures! I really appreciate your sharing these photos, as I have wondered what a wedding in India would be like. They are all so beautiful. Love the colors. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of a glimpse into your rare experience. Thank the cousin also.

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