I’m a Believer

One of my readers sent in this question recently:

Q: How do you know God exists?  (I assume you’d say you know, but maybe that’s wrong?).

A: Actually, I DON’T know that God exists.  I’ve always wanted to meet a card-carrying agnostic so that I could say, “Are you an agnostic?  Me too!” in the sense that I can’t know, for certain, beyond the shadow of a doubt.  What I can do is believe, and that’s different.  I believe God exists in the same way I believe love exists, and I couldn’t imagine a world without God in it anymore than I could imagine a world without love in it.  If there were such a world, I wouldn’t want to live in it!  But there are some things that confirm my faith, that warm my heart, that give me goosebumps, that make me gasp and say, “It’s true!”  And in my job I get to notice those things, take notes on them, and talk about them.

Lucky me.

8 thoughts on “I’m a Believer

  1. “If there were such a world, I wouldn’t want to live in it!”

    I’m curious: what would differentiate a world with a god in it from a world without a god in it? How would things be different?

    Since you think the world as it currently exists has a god (I assume the Christian ‘God’, ‘Jehovah’ or ‘Jesus’, correct me if I’m wrong), would you mind answering the hypothetical? What would change, almost instantly, if suddenly the god you believe in ceased to exist?

  2. If you had a choice between factual proof and faith which would you choose? The yearning is often for proof; yet that limits one, ends with a conclusion. But faith in God can drive one to a never ending quest for more wisdom, knowledge of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, self, others and connecting those better. I choose Faith.

  3. Although raised in a Christian Church, when rejected by members of my teenaged Sunday School class, because they felt my family was “not good enough” to associate with them(we were OK, just not wealthy), I started to strongly question my faith and spent some time doing that. Thankfully, right about this time of year, when I was a Freshman at East Tennessee State University, God brought Walt Harber, a local othodontist who conducted Christian outreach to ETSU students, into my life. Walt didn’t straighten my teeth but he did straighten my belief, ha, ha! It would take too long to tell the story but he was the perfect person to reach out to me and lead me back to Christ. As time went on and as I started to examine the faith as an adult, again, to make a long story short, it has come to seem to me that it is actually more difficult to not believe than it is to believe. As I have continued on, examining the faith, I have often found myself in utter, incredible AWE of God! In awe of God’s love, in awe of God’s creation, in awe of how God has reached out to humankind seeking to bring us all to belief and to save us all for our ultimate good and on and on more than I can share here! The “Book of Marshall”, if written about our mighty, loving, eternal God, our Heavenly Father, would be a HUGE book and there would still be so much left to be written! ALLELUIA, AMEN!

  4. In my previous post, I mentioned Walter L. Harber, DDS, MS, a Christian orthodontist who helped me to my adult faith in Christ. I’d met him in mid-January of 1971 at East Tennessee State University after a Christian concert by Shad Williams Walt had sponsored on campus. I kind of “pounced on” Walt. telling him I thought Christianity was not true. Walt patiently smiled and then chatted with me. He gave me a ticket to a Billy Graham movie, playing at the time, called “Two a Penny” and invited me to come talk with him some more after I saw the movie. We had some talks in his office and in his home. I was hesitant, but I did go see the movie “Two a Penny”. In it, singer Cliff Richard sang a song “Questions” which spoke to my heart and help me open up to my adult faith in Christ. Walt said that he’d kind of had his doubts about that movie, but was so pleased that it helped me. You can hear “Questions” at

  5. Frankly, “Not a Scientist,” I believe that if there were no God the world would not exist, in fact, would never have existed. I believe that God created the heavens and the earth, and (more poetically) that his love is the force that turns the earth on its axis.

  6. I believe that God is an Infinite Source of Pure Love & Energy – manifesting this life as we know it, along with the gift of a divine spirit within each of us that we can choose to receive – ever present, “God with us.” God, cease to exist? I simply do not believe that is possible . . .

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