Did you really go to church this week?

Here’s an interesting quote:

Regular church attendance is increasingly difficult, even for those committed to it.  Sunday morning is no longer “sacred” time: job responsibilities, sports leagues, family outings, housework and many other things get in the way of traveling to a church building for worship at a scheduled time.  And if you happen to miss church next weekend, will anyone know if you slept in, comforted a sick child, left town on business, or decided to have brunch at the Hyatt?  Church attendance is increasingly a private matter, and it is correspondingly easier for each of us to maintain an idealized image of oursevles as regular attenders when in fact we may only manage to attend church two or three times a month at the most.

–from an article by Kirk Hadaway and Penny Long Marler in the May 6, 1998, issue of the Christian Century, p. 475 (“Did you really go to church this week?  Behind the poll data”).

4 thoughts on “Did you really go to church this week?

  1. As one who remembers when “Nothing” was open on Sunday, it’s always interesting to see how many possibilities there today are for Sunday morning, but I still find that my week is far less satisfactory, far more hurried and worried, and much less renewing unless I manage to get to at least one service. One reason I enjoy 8:30 worship is “starting the day” with beautiful music and inspiring words, along with reassurance that God’s grace and strength is truly going to be there for me, not only today, but EVERY day of my life that I open my mind to His leading. With the blessing ringing, I can go on to whatever challenges are out there for the week!

  2. Yes, I attended church this past Sunday via the church webcast. I was glad that I was able to see the service this past Sunday because of the beautiful music and the good sermon. If you cannot physically be in the church for the Sunday worship service, the church webcast is the next best thing.

  3. Things have change, the world has evolved, and people are the same. Explain: we seen how sports have taken on sunday morning, restaurants are now open 24/7/365, social networks are becmeing and addiction, and the church has remain the same for many years. I am guessing needs need to be revise and preacher needs to speak more of “priorities” with out thinking they going to offend their “members”- an inteligent evaluation of the church profile is a must. – we pastor a church we establish 5 yrs ago and we meet @ 5pm (Sunday). Had small groups on thurdays @ homes for doctrine and fellowship. (We change since then because of profile change) we now meet on thursday evening at 6:30-8:30 for discipleship trining and fellowship and children ministry. Sunday schoo morning only for Sunday school 9:30-11:30am. We don’t have a large group but the 60 we have has attende “regularly) for @ least 6 months missing only once maybbe twce.

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