My Father’s Eyes

This was the conclusion of Sunday’s sermon, which ended up being a kind of Trinity Sunday/Father’s Day message.  You can find the whole sermon on the First Baptist website at, but I thought I would share this much of it with you here.  Enjoy.


On this Father’s Day I hope you will forgive me for mentioning my own father, who turned 80 on Friday.  He hasn’t been well for some time, as many of you know, but he has always been a wonderful father, one whose steadfast love and faithfulness made it easy for me to believe in a heavenly Father.  In fact I once had a dream in which I was walking along a path through a park, and up ahead was a man sitting on a bench, looking away from me.  Because it was a dream I knew that the man sitting on the bench was God, and as I got closer I began to get apprehensive.  What would God look like?  What would he say to me?  But as I got closer he turned and made eye contact, and I felt all that apprehension leave my body in a rush.

Because his eyes were my father’s eyes,

And they were full of love and forgiveness,

Just like always.

2 thoughts on “My Father’s Eyes

  1. As always, what a terrific sermon, Jim. I, too, was thinking of my father today ~~~ a real pioneer in race relations (which he always called “human” relations!) long before it was fashionable to do so. He was a real scholar at heart, a minister, a teacher, an administrator of a very unpopular effort when he started, and eventually a divinity school professor. Until 3 weeks before his death on Good Friday when he was 93, he was still doing the devotionals in the health care unit of the Virginia Baptist Home in Culpeper where he lived the last 14 years of his life ~~~ a genuine servant of the Lord that he loved, and one who taught his children the value of EVERY human being as a child of God who needed a chance to develop to one’s fullest potential.

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