Making the Father’s Face Light Up

I was reading John 15 as part of my morning devotions on Tuesday when I saw that line in verse 8 about glorification.  Jesus said, “My father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples.”

I stumble over that word–glory, glorify, glorification.  What does that really mean?  I tend to think of glory as some kind of radiant energy, as in “the glory of the Lord” that was up there on Mount Sinai, so that when Moses came down from the mountain his face was shining.  I think about Jesus being transfigured on another mountain, so that his face began to shine like the sun.  As I was reading John 15 on Tuesday and thinking about how the things we do glorify the Father I thought, “Maybe that’s what it means: that when we bear much fruit and become Jesus’ disciples it makes the Father’s face light up.”

I loved the simplicity of that, and the mental picture it created–the face of God lit up because of something I had done.  And then I remembered how my own face had lit up when I talked with my daughter Ellie the night before on the telephone, when she told me all that she was doing and I thought about all the ways she makes me proud.  It occurred to me that my daughter had glorified me: she had made my face light up. 

I may be way off base here (I often am), but it warmed my heart to think that I could make the Father’s face light up in the same way Ellie made my face light up–simply by doing those things that please him and make him proud. 

Imagine that.

One thought on “Making the Father’s Face Light Up

  1. No, you are not off base at all. As the earthly father of a daughter myself, I totally understand. My daughter does not realize it, of course, however, I think that God has used our parent daughter relationship to teach me many lessons about HIs Heavenly Parent relationship with me, with us, that I might not otherwise have learned including what it is like to have a totally pure, self-giving love. When she was little, I remember once rocking my daughter to sleep, holding her in my arms and thinking that, while I hoped and prayed it would never come to that, I loved(and still do) my daughter so much, I would die for her if I had to do so to protect her. It was at that moment, not audible but in my mind, in my soul, I felt God gently, lovingly tell me that, “Yes, Marshall, and I feel that way about you and Beth too!” It was overwhelming and I thanked Him with all my heart! And God has just used the father-daughter relationship between you and your daughter to teach me another lesson. May God richly bless you and your family and watch over you all. AMEN!

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