Ellie Somerville McNevin


My daughter Ellie was married on May 5, 2012, in an intimate ceremony at a historic home on the Rappahannock River.  I’m thrilled for her and happy to have Nick McNevin–an extremely talented chef from Australia–in the family. 

Ellie met Nick when he was an exchange student at her high school in DC.  They never went out, but apparently he never forgot her.  A couple of years ago, when he was thinking of moving to New York, he got in touch.  They began to correspond regularly, and then began to call each other.  Eventually he invited her to visit him in Sydney where she met his family.  As she was leaving he asked, “If I come to New York, do you reckon you could be my girlfriend?” 

She reckoned she could.

I like to tell people that Ellie fell in love with Nick two years ago, but I fell in love with him the first time he cooked for me.  Wow.  I can still remember every detail of that meal, including the way my tastebuds began to celebrate with the first bite.  Nick has been cooking at Jean Georges in New York, a Michelin Three-Star restaurant, one of only five in the city and only forty in the world. 

As I said…he is extremely talented. 

The last time he cooked for me in New York he said he’d had a busy day at the restaurant, that they’d even had to turn away some A-list celebrities.  “Really?” I asked.  “Like who?”  “Like, um, Scarlett Johansson,” he said.  I said, “Do you mean to say you didn’t cook for Scarlett, but you’re cooking for me?” I have to say: that makes a guy feel pretty special.

Welcome to the family, Nick. 

Take good care of my little girl. 

Feed her well.

4 thoughts on “Ellie Somerville McNevin

  1. Congratulations and best wishes to Ellie and Nick. I imagine it would be nice to have a professional chef in the family.

  2. Gosh, they reckon in Australia!? Oh yes, I reckon they do….it’s a southern thing right? ….Can’t get much more southern than that. I wish them a long and wonderful marriage. I also wish that he would cook for FBC…..to raise money for missions?!?!
    Sandra Millican

  3. Gives new meaning to the old saying, “the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach!” Way to go Nick! Keep up the good work and keep your father-in- law crying for more! Vaughn Earl Hartsell, Longs, SC

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