Church Just Happened

ImageI’ve re-discovered Twitter.

Actually, I’ve discovered how to use Twitter in an interesting way, which is new for me.  I do it like this:

When I have an experience that feels like “church” to me–even if it’s not in the sanctuary at 11:00 on Sunday morning–I tweet about it using the hashtag #churchjusthappened.  For example: when I was at Community Missions last week (where our homeless neighbors come to get a hot shower and some clean clothes), someone handed me a slice of birthday cake.  June McKown’s birthday was coming up that Friday, and someone had brought a cake.  But while I was standing there Ernie (one of our regulars) mentioned that it was his birthday.  “Really?” I asked.  “How old are you?”  “Fifty years old today,” he said with a smile.

I remembered my fiftieth birthday, when my wife had spent weeks getting ready for a big party at our house, and invited fifty friends to come and help me celebrate.  I thought about what it was like to have my house full of all those people laughing, talking, wishing me well, and then I looked at Ernie, “celebrating” his 50th birthday in the basement of First Baptist Church, waiting for his turn to take a shower.  I gave him my cake, and wished him a happy birthday, and then asked everybody else in the room to wish him the same.  I took a picture and “tweeted” it along with this message: #churchjusthappened when Ernie, one of our regulars at Community Missions, told me it was his 50th birthday!”

Church did happen that day.  It happened for me. 

I hope it happened for Ernie.


Note: if you use Twitter go to the “Discover” menu and enter the hashtag #churchjusthappened to see how it has been happening for me and others.  Next time it happens for you–wherever you are–“tweet” about it.  I’m hoping it will catch on, and that people everywhere will become more aware of the many ways church happens.