KOH2RVA: Day 5

On Tuesday afternoon I went to Police Headquarters for the Faith Leaders’ Summit. It’s something Chief Norwood does every month: invites clergy and other religious leaders downtown to give them an update on crime in the city and ask for their help in fighting it. Specifically, he seems to be interested in getting the murder rate down, and seems to understand that faith leaders can be important partners in that effort.

So I learned that there have been 25 murders in Richmond so far this year, up from 23 at this time last year. While there was plenty of encouraging news on other fronts, this news was discouraging. And so we were invited to a “community walk-through” at Creighton Court this Saturday, where police officers and faith leaders will come together to visit one of the poorest housing projects in the city and listen to its residents, laugh with its children, and pray for its peace. You are invited to join us at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, at 2101 Creighton Road.

At the end of the meeting Chief Norwood asked me to pray, and I simply thanked God for the miracle of such a thing–a meeting where pastors and police officers bow their heads together and ask God to bless their city and keep its people safe.

Where else does that happen but in the Kingdom of Heaven?

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