KOH2RVA: Day 7

Today I went to Creighton Court for the “Community Walk-Through” sponsored by the police department.  I didn’t know what I would find, but what I found was a host of police officers and faith leaders doing their best to embrace Creighton Court with love.

Maybe you’re not familiar with Creighton Court.  It’s one of the housing projects in Richmond’s East End.  If you Google it you find headlines like, “Police Search for Killer after East End Shooting,” or, “Homicide Investigation in Creighton Court.”  It’s one of those places that could really use some of God’s love, one of those places in Richmond where the Kingdom of Heaven seems far, far away.

But today the Kingdom came.

All I could see was smiles, everywhere I looked.  I got hugs from police officers and pastors.  I hula-hooped with children and visited with old ladies.  I chatted with Chief Norwood and shook hands with the Tooth Fairy. The Rev. Shirley Cooper told me, “We’ve got to do more than get along; we’ve got to learn how to love each other.”  She’s right about that, and today it felt like we got a little closer to that ideal.  This little girl, for instance.  She wanted me to twist a balloon into the shape of a heart.  I did the best I could and gave it to her, and then she gave me this–this smile–that will stay in my heart for a long time to come.

2 thoughts on “KOH2RVA: Day 7

  1. THIS is what it is all about! Now, how many of us suburbanites are willing to invest in the city?? Many will say, “But that is why we live out here, to get away from all that.” Yet we work there, go to church there, go to the theater there, like it is two different worlds. I have remind myself that such a division is in my head.

  2. It’s exciting, indeed, to follow your trails via your blogs. Sorry we couldn’t be there to see the hula hoop performance! Fun AND funny, yes? Thanks for taking God’s love to so many new places to new people of all ages. Once they meet and love you, chances are they will love your Lord also!!!

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