KOH2RVA: Day 11

This is how RVA United brought heaven to earth last night.  It may not be your way, but for the hundred or so 20-30 somethings who were there on a rainy night it was.  They were singing along with the music, raising their hands in the air, and generally gushing about the experience. One of them, Will, said he had a thousand email addresses in his computer and that he was going to invite every one of those people to the next event on October 16.

I talked with Mike, the minister who brought the message last night, shortly before the service began. I said, “Our church is on a year-long, every-member mission trip to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, and RVA United has agreed to join us in that mission. It’s a big job. We can’t do it alone. And so we’re trying to do more partnership and less ownership.”

“More partnership and less ownership,” he repeated. “I like that. That’ll tweet!”

Back in my day ministers used to say, “That’ll preach!” I guess the world is changing, and we can either celebrate it or sit around and talk about how things used to be when we were 20-30 somethings.


In other news: the principal of Glen Lea Elementary School will be at First Baptist Church tonight at 6:15 to talk about our KOH2RVA partnership with her school. Join us!

2 thoughts on “KOH2RVA: Day 11

  1. Wonderful to hear how successful RVA Uniteds’ Evening was. More Partnership, less Ownership. What a wonderful way to have many others involved in KOH2RVA. Thanks Pastor Jim.

  2. Oh My!!! What doors God opens when we set off where he wants us to go. This is how a mission trip works. We always go with an agenda (ours) and there is always so much more (God’s agenda). RVA is an opportunity we did not see and I am excited for how it can grow.

    We have not been off the bus 11 days and look what has happened. We still have 354 more day to go. Hold on for a great ride!!!!!

    Larry West

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