KOH2RVA: Day 35

This picture may actually be worth the 10,000 words it took to get these bullet points up on the white board.

This is the result of a three-hour meeting with 23 staff and lay leaders this morning as we worked to determine priorities for the 2013 budget of Richmond’s First Baptist Church. Notice that some of the items have stars beside them: these were the ones that were singled out by some in the room as worthy of special mention.

Notice that some of the items have “C’s” after them: these were the ones that might be included in a capital campaign at a later point. But notice that many of them are directly related to our mission of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, including that one under the ministry of Formation about starting a children’s ministry at Essex Village—one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.

There are others, of course: a summer concert series for the community, the hiring of a full-time social worker, helping our members identify themselves as “missionaries,” and producing a full-length feature film. The list, as you can see, goes on and on.

This is a snapshot of our dreams, of what we could do if we had the resources. Are they also God’s dreams? In more ways than ever I think they are, and that, if nothing else, is evidence that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.


Thanks to Melissa Brooks for being our whiteboard scribe today. Without her this picture would not have been possible.

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