KOH2RVA: Day 36

Mildred Allen is a member of our “television congregation.” She wrote to me recently to tell me how much that ministry means to her, and how much she enjoyed the service from September 30 that was aired on October 7. The Kingdom of Heaven comes to a lot of hospitalized and homebound people at 11:00 Sunday morning on Channel 8. It sounds like it came to Mildred on October 7. When I read her letter, it came to me, too. Thanks, Mildred.


Dear Dr. Jim, If I was able to attend the service on Sunday, as I shook your hand, I would want to say:

You were so good with the children’s time. You got their attention with your enthusiasm. Mine too.

The Men’s Chorus “Let It Shine” was such happy arrangement, and they did it well. They were a handsome group.

Lynn Turner’s information about the KOH Mission Trip was so interesting. Her smile lights up the entire Church.

I thought your sermon on prayer was one of the best ever. You were so introspective in exploring the nuances of prayer. I was in tears during most of your explanation, because of the beauty and depth. (Women enjoy crying!)

And when we sang the last hymn, the words were so special and were meant for today’s lifestyle and problems. I didn’t learn the name, but I know everyone took in the words because it followed a message that stimulated our thinking.

Also, I will pray for KOH Mission Trip every day. I’m going to move on, there may be others waiting to write!

Mildred Allen

One thought on “KOH2RVA: Day 36

  1. Jim, I am also a part of the vitally important Television Ministry. Being homebound and chronically ill,for the past five years, this television ministry helps me stay connected with FBC!! After being a member of FBC for the past 42 years, being able to stay connected, means so very much to me!! I can see you every Sunday morning; you just can’t see me—but I’m there in spirit, and singing so loudly, praising God, that you can hear me all the way from the far west end to Monument Avenue!! God Bless all that you do for FBC!! 🙂

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