KOH2RVA: Day 44

I’m on the road this morning, driving from Lynchburg, Virginia, where I had a meeting last night, to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where I have a meeting this afternoon. I don’t really have time to blog. But I did want to share this picture I took at First Baptist Church on Wednesday night because it tells a remarkable story.


Ron Maxwell works on the custodial staff at First Baptist, and is also a member of our deaf mission. He has a ready smile and a sweet spirit, and when I see him in the hallways at church I practice my very limited sign language by saying something like, “Good morning!” or, “How are you?” He’s very patient with me, and corrects me gently when I get it wrong.

But here he is, up on the second floor of our building, working with a refugee from Nepal who is also deaf. This man doesn’t speak English, but Ron is trying to help him learn the letters of the alphabet so that he can begin to communicate in his new country. I watched as Ron tried to teach him the letter “D,” showing him over and over again how to hold his fingers. I thought, “Well, it’s happening: the Kingdom of Heaven is coming to Richmond, Virginia, right here, right now, in this little room on the second floor of First Baptist Church. One person is taking the time to share his gifts with another person.”

That’s all there is to it, really, and anyone can do it. What’s your gift? And how can you share it in a way that brings heaven to earth?

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