KOH2RVA: Day 56

I’m in Washington, DC, this morning after driving up last night to hear my friend David Von Drehle talk about his new book, Rise to Greatness. it’s a book about Abraham Lincoln, actually, and not my friend David, but it’s a great book and it was excerpted recently in Time magazine (you may remember the picture of Lincoln on the cover).

David and his family joined my church in DC when I was a pastor there mostly because his son, Henry, had been in my wife’s Pre-K class at Murch Elementary. Our families got to know each other and the friendship flourished. I once accompanied David on a harrowing climb to the top of Long’s Peak in Colorado to scatter his mother-in-law’s ashes, a story he later told in the Washington Post magazine.

So, it was great to see the Von Drehle’s last night and to hear David talk about his book and to see how much their children have grown. Do you know what his wife, Karen, wanted to talk about? Getting her children baptized in the James River next time we do that.

And that will be a story in itself.

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