KOH2RVA: Day 82

What are you doing on December 22? Why not help us share Christmas with these Mixteca children?

I’m aware that there are still some people who haven’t found a way to get involved in our year-long, every-member mission trip.  That’s OK.  It’s only Day 82.  There are still 283 days to go.  But I do sometimes remind the church:

When our youth group goes on a mission trip they all get on a big bus and go somewhere like Boston, Nashville, New York, or (this year) Nickelsville, Virginia.  But when they get to the mission site everybody has to get off the bus and go to work.  Nobody is allowed to sit on the bus and read comic books.

That’s a gentle reminder to every member of Richmond’s First Baptist Church that if we’re going to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, then eventually everybody will have to get off the bus.

If you haven’t found a way to do that yet, don’t worry.  Steve Blanchard, Minister of Christian Compassion, has been out looking for new opportunities. And he’s found some.  Take a look at the list he’s compiled below and see if you can find a way to get started.  Because this really is “joyful work,” and in this season, especially, it would be a shame to miss out on it.


The following is a report of KOH2RVA activity that I am aware of. I know there are other events and servings going on and I would love to hear about them. Please let me know and have a blessed day.

FYI: Coming Up in December

  • December 1: 9:30am Bake and Take Team will bake cookies and take to neighbors in the Fan.
  • December 3: 6:00pm Christmas Party celebrating and honoring Community Mission volunteers
  • December 5: 1-5  FBC children will be caroling at Glenburnie Rehab, Heartfields, and Windsor House.
  • December 5: 5:30pm Windshield Tour offered
  • December 8: 10:00am Windshield Tour offered
  • December 9: 4:30pm Christmas party for single mom’s of Fresh Start
  • December 11: 11:30am Staff will stuff stockings for children
  • December 13: 6:00 pm Christmas celebration for the guests of Grace Fellowship
  • December 17: 9:30am Christmas party for our homeless community
  • December 22: 1:00pm Christmas party for the Mixteca community
  • December 23: 3:00pm Christmas celebration at Essex Village
  • December 24: 9:00am Pass out gifts to homeless on the street

November Report

  • November 3-11: Costa Rica mission team served in Arbollitos and surrounding areas
  • November 5: Pizza, drinks and dessert provided to Glen Lea Elementary for teachers during Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • November 10: Volunteers helped during fall festival at Glen Lea Elementary.
  • November 11: Fourth grade Sunday School class separated and made toiletry bags during Sunday school.
  • November 13: Operation Homeless Connect was held at Richmond Convention Center
  • November 15: FBC staff served at Grace Fellowship
  • November 16 and other dates: Volunteers served at Glen Lea Elementary as classroom assistants, helpers, etc…
  • November 17-24: FBC served as CARITAS site for 58 men providing fellowship, shelter, meals, showers, clothing, etc… and Linda and Louis
  • Watts provided 52 loaves of homemade bread and personalized notes to teachers at Glen Lea Elementary
  • November 19: FBC provided transportation to Essex Village residents to attend Community Workshops at Glen Lea Elementary.
  • November 22: FBC provided Thanksgiving meal to CARITAS and other community guests
  • November 26: Three FBC staff served lunch at Richmond Friends of the Homeless

Steve Blanchard
Minister of Christian Compassion
Richmond’s First Baptist Church

One thought on “KOH2RVA: Day 82

  1. It’s quite exciting, and a lot of fun much of the time, to take part in those projects — it’s also very rewarding personally to take those little extra one-on-one opportunities that present themselves almost every day to show God’s love a little bit clearer to some who don’t see it often. Giving a ride to someone who no longer can drive; grocery shopping for one who can’t get out easily; or taking someone who can’t manage that alone any more, but still enjoys seeing “what’s on the shelf these days”; or visiting in a nursing home with someone who rarely has visitors any more… if any of you haven’t found opportunities like these, “have I got a deal for you!” — the Shepherd’s Center of Richmond has such opportunities easily through its personal service component, and we have a grand time with clients who often have no one they can ask to help with these things. I’ve made some wonderful acquaintances in these ways, and encourage you to chime in!

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