KOH2RVA: Day 102

apple3Let me tell you about Karen:

Karen is not only a faithful member of First Baptist Church, she actually pays attention to what I say from the pulpit. For months now she’s been listening to me talk about KOH2RVA, this year-long, every-member mission trip to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia. She’s heard me say that when the youth go on a mission trip nobody gets to stay on the bus and read comic books, and she’s understood the implication—that she can’t stay on the bus either.

So, she’s been wondering how to “get off the bus,” trying to figure out what her way of bringing heaven to earth will be. Yesterday I got this email from Karen:

Hi Jim:

I am sitting in the parking lot at Glen Lea Elementary School after visiting with Ms. Lee, the principal. I came without an appointment but she fit me in.

I’ve been discerning how I can “get off the bus” and get involved with our year-long, every-member mission trip. After Friday’s tragedy it became clear. I brought Ms. Lee a small gift bag which included Shenandoah Valley apples (of course), some candy, and a card. Each month I will plan a visit. In addition I will pray for her and Glen Lea daily.

Regards, Karen

I sent this message back:


This is wonderful news. But be careful (smile). These things have a way of getting into your heart and then you know what happens…

All my best, always,


Steve Blanchard, our minister of Christian Compassion, says that compassion happens when you see something, and then feel something, and then do something. I have a hunch that Karen will see some things at Glen Lea that will cause her to feel something, and that the feelings will lead her to do something, and before you know it she’ll be elbow deep in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia,

Because that’s what happens when these things get into your heart.


If you are still looking for a way to get off the bus, here’s an offer from Steve Blanchard:

For anyone who would like to help out for a couple of hours at our Christmas Celebration at Essex Village on Sunday afternoon, here are the details:

Festivities will begin at 3pm at Building 117 with refreshments, the 25 cent Christmas Yard Sale, and One Accord singing. The afternoon will be very informal but help is needed to set up items, monitor and collect during yard sale, help set out food, mingle with guests, pack and clean up, etc… If you can be there, it would be appreciated. I think this could be a very important outreach event but so far I only have 2-3 volunteers that I know of. I know it is a busy time and most of you volunteer a hundred other places but if you can, or know of someone else who can, volunteer, I look forward to seeing you there.

Essex Village is located on Pilots Road, just off Laburnum Avenue, close to the Richmond International Raceway.

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