KOH2RVA: Day 121

indian_schoolchildrenI met a man yesterday who is passionate about his mission. In his lifetime he hopes to bring one billion people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Did you hear that?

One billion.

This is his approach: he goes to schools in India, talks with the principals, and tells them that if they will let him share “the true story of Christmas” he will give every child in the school a free pen.

I asked him to tell me the true story of Christmas and he said, “Well, it’s about Mary giving birth to the baby Jesus, of course, but that’s only the beginning.” And then he told me about Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan, his preaching of the Kingdom, his healing of the sick, his death on a cross, and his resurrection. But it sounded as if the story he tells eventually comes down to this: that if you don’t accept Jesus as your Lord and savior you will perish in the flames of hell for eternity. And then he invites the children to say the sinner’s prayer with him and be saved, and many of them do. He says he has been able to share “the true story of Christmas” with 600,000 children so far.

Only 9,400,000 to go.

Later I thought about this man and his mission and how it is a different mission than bringing heaven to earth. His mission is keeping people out of hell. And that did to me what it always does: it made me ask, “Is that what it’s all about? Is the ‘true story of Christmas’ a story about keeping people out of hell?”

I would appreciate your thoughts on that as we enter this new year, and the final two thirds of our year-long, every-member mission trip. I would love for us to go forward with this man’s energy and ambition.

But I don’t want us to go in the wrong direction.

2 thoughts on “KOH2RVA: Day 121

  1. Knowing whether or not one is headed in the “right” direction isn’t one of the easiest things in life — at least not for me! I find many more gray items than clear black & white in the paths I generally trod. I really feel sorry for the gentleman about whom you wrote — I suspect he is quite good at rationalizing his motives and goals to fit his beliefs, but I also suspect that many of the folks he has “saved” are really only momentary reactions to a powerfully put premise about which they haven’t spent much time thinking through the implications of having “believed” and been “saved” — I’d prefer to think I was working toward something, with an loving God overseeing my efforts.

  2. Jim,

    I think that God does not want any of us to go to hell. He gives us a choice to follow whatever path we choose. This is his greatest gift. So if we insists on going bad he will allow this. But we can always come back to His Grace and Love.

    I think that posing a threat (going to hell) to thousands is not a good thing. We should emphasise salvation and Jesus’s sacrifices and our Father’s love. Shower those with this first and then I bet most will feel the love of God.

    Think about it. I am a father and I could never abandon my children unless they totally rebuked me. Even then my earthly love would always forgive them. God’s Heavenly love is greater than mine. So I think you will only end up in hell if you are really really evil and don’t seek your father for redemption.



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