KOH2RVA: Day 129

stairs4Somehow I got on the distribution list for the young men’s group that’s forming at First Baptist Church. I’m pretty sure they’re just trying to keep me in the loop, and not actually inviting me to participate (I’ve checked my driver’s license; I fail to qualify on at least one count). But as I read through this latest email message from John Schronce I was impressed by the way our year-long, every-member mission trip to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, is finding expression among the fearless young men of First Baptist.



A quick update based on our discussion at the last meeting. We discussed getting involved in a couple of service projects over the coming weeks and months.

RVA United is organizing several projects in the coming months with Project Homes, an organization dedicated to improving the lives and living conditions of low income seniors, disabled residents and qualified homeowners in Central Virginia through home repairs and, in some cases, constructing new homes. The first opportunity is Saturday, January 19. We will be assisting an elderly woman by replacing the stairs up to her house. Several of us are planning on being there to learn more and report back. If you are interested in going, let me know. You can also sign up at RVA United on January 15.

Brock has introduced us to Compassion International, which offers opportunities to sponsor needy children around the world. He has sponsored two children already. The cost is fairly reasonable (around $35 per month), and would provide our group an easy opportunity to make a difference collectively in someone’s life.

Finally, we considered engaging with the Youth Life Foundation, which works with middle and high school aged kids from at-risk communities in the greater Richmond area. More information is available at http://www.ylfr.org/.

We’re planning our next meeting on January 24 at 7:00 PM, location TBA. We will start with Ephesians 5:1-20 and James 3:1-20, but will go where the discussion leads us.



“We will go where the discussion leads,” John says. It would also appear that this group will go where Jesus leads, whether it’s fixing an elderly woman’s stairs, sponsoring a needy child in another country, or working with middle and high school youth right here in Richmond. Looks to me like the stalwart young men of FBC are learning how to bring heaven to earth, or, as I sometimes abbreviate, they’re learning how to “bring it.”

What about you? Can you “bring it”?

One thought on “KOH2RVA: Day 129

  1. Wow!! Our young people have so much talent and ability; not to mention compassion and caring for others!! Priceless!! And Jim, as to being included on their list, let’s just say, “It’s that little boy face”, which has nothing to do with anything on your driver’s license!! 🙂

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