KOH2RVA: Day 164

tea-or-coffeeI’ve told you about Jeremy and Monica before, the church planters who agreed early on to be a part of our year-long, every-member mission trip. It’s not because they are members of First Baptist Church (they’re not), it’s because they are trying to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, and I’ve been fascinated by the way they are doing it. Their “strategy” (if you can call it that) is to make friends with people who don’t go to church, and who wouldn’t call themselves “Christians.”

Here’s their latest update:


Last Tuesday night, we had a coffee night for some unbelieving friends. Here are JUST A FEW of the amazing results:

  1. One girl, E, asked us to meet with her privately and pray for her. She is a pluralist (believes in many pathways to “god”) but she really is in need of some advice and love in her life right now, she has been walking down a very dark path for a number of years and it is taking its toll on her. Please pray for E, we have been connected with her since we first moved into the building. This is a great step forward, we already have also shared the gospel with her, so THIS STEP, her asking for prayer, is an excellent opportunity for us to love her and help point her further to Christ!
  2. Another girl (a recovering alcoholic and substance abuser), told us that she “randomly” started reading the Bible. But she is in “need” of someone who can explain what it means to her! HAHAHA!!! This is like, directly out of the book of Acts (think of when Phillip talked with the Ethiopian eunuch). So here we are! The Lord plopped us here in this particular part of the city especially so that we might reach this girl right now as she is in need of clarity regarding the meanings of the scriptures! She has been in connection with us since last year. Pray for her to know Jesus!
  3. One guy (J), is in his 50’s and has lived a really intense and foul sort of life. But he really connected with us and wanted to do a brunch for the apartment complex (in conjunction with us) on a weekend and also wants to watch a few movies with us. He hasn’t yet indicated how open he is to talking about Jesus, but he knows what we are doing here and he mentioned that he has had a Roman Catholic background.
  4. A neighboring couple we never met before came in also. You can think of them as M&B. M&B are really cool, and we are hoping to do a “dinner party” with them, one other unbelieving couple (W&J, I met them through E), and one couple from our church. There will be many more steps taken with them in the future, Lord willing!
  5. A bunch of girls want to paint, so we will host a painting night as a missional opportunity with some of the believers from our church and with the rest of those girls.

Pray for the following: (1) Five more opportunities that arose from the coffee night! (2) Opportunity for Monica to pursue teaching “body attack” (a group fitness class) at local gyms in order to open up more gospel oriented relationships! (3) A pantheist girl we shall call Sarah – she is super-open to talking about Christ! (4) The continuing relationships where the gospel is being shared. (5) A gathering of people who want to “discuss” issues of faith. We have a number of seekers who are wanting to know more. These are the beginning steps of what can lead towards a church plant, yet, most of the people have not yet met Christ. (6) Pray for new believers!

Keep in mind, we are taking a difficult road – but it is SO COOL BECAUSE THE HOLY SPIRIT IS AT WORK!! We are not trying to find Christians, rather we are trying to immerse ourselves with unbelievers and lead them to Christ. We are partnering with our church here to multiply social surface area with unbelievers in order to increase the amount of gospel content that can influence the culture! Pray for salvations! We hope to eventually have a small church being planted straight out of the harvest (not by gathering Christians from other churches, but by seeing the Holy Spirit create new true Christians!) God is moving! It has taken a LOT of hard work to get to this point relationally with our new friends. But we just keep loving them and standing on the truth of His Word! We cannot help but speak out about Jesus!

Jeremy and Monica


I love it that Jeremy and Monica are trying to make friends, and not just converts. I love it that they invite people to their apartment for coffee, rather than corner them on the street. I love it that they are trying to plant a church of new believers, rather than simply stealing old ones. I love it that they “cannot help but speak out about Jesus!”

Suppose we all had that problem. Don’t you think the Kingdom would come sooner, rather than later?

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