It’s Day 175 of KOH2RVA, and I thought Linda Moore’s thoughts about our youth would be a perfect way to celebrate. These young people really know how to “bring it,” how to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, that is. Thanks, Linda, for your love and appreciation for these amazing youth!

Linda's Bloughts

Family and Community, those were the two words that floated around all weekend during DNow at First Baptist, Richmond. 6th through 12th grade students gathered for their annual Disciple Now at FBC last weekend with their theme, AmazinGrace. This was my first time being a small group leader and I found out just what they meant by family, community and amazing grace.

I don’t want to share all that happened, because I believe you have to have your own experience of DNow to understand the experience I had and why it’s difficult to share. I’ve been in youth ministry for 12 plus years and when I thought youth couldn’t surprise me any more, this group left me speechless and my heart full of hope for who they are now, and who they will become.

The weekend was full of spirit, fun, laughter, study, prayer, sadness, joy, worship, and…

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