KOH2RVA: Day 193

I keep saying, “There must be a thousand ways to bring heaven to earth.” First Baptist member Charlie Finley thinks he may have found another one.

Recently he sent this video to Minister of Christian Worship Phil Mitchell and me along with the following message:

Jim and Phil, Please click the “play” button for 4-5 minutes of pure joy. Would this be a fun way for the FBC choir and a few instruments to bring Heaven to earth…maybe at a retirement home (Lakewood Manor, Westminster Canterbury) or a shopping center or hospital? Hopefully it would be more fun than worry with details and logistics. I’m willing to help make a few phone calls…get permission, set a time and place, etc!  Charlie

I have to say: it’s not often you see spontaneous waltzing at a hospital, and if joy is any indication that heaven has come near, then it came near for these people.

Maybe Charlie is onto something.  Anybody out there play a harp?

3 thoughts on “KOH2RVA: Day 193

  1. I don’t play the harp or any other instrument but I will drive the bus and carry the bags!!!! Let’s go!!!

  2. I don’t play anything well enough any more to play, but like Larry, I can do something — like help with logistics, etc. — you always need somebody who’s good with “picking up the pieces” and making something happen… Any one wish to join Charlie, Larry, and me???

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