KOH2RVA: Day 209

Karen AprilI love it that Karen Grizzard went ahead and brought the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, even while I was away on retreat. She’s been volunteering at Glen Lea Elementary School, and finding real joy in it. Last time she wrote she told me, “I’m so glad I got off the bus!” Off the mission bus, that is, and onto the mission field. Take a look at her message below and the picture to the right. It’s the kind of thing that must make Jesus smile.

Hi, Jim. I hope you have enjoyed your time away at the retreat. I have been envious; I miss the mountains so much. I wanted to share my latest reading day picture. Last Thursday at midday found me in Ms. Caison’s classroom. After reading 3 books several kids hugged me. The girl in pigtails even came back for a second hug. They asked me to come back “the Monday after spring break.” What a true blessing this activity has become for me. I plan to schedule my April reading days very soon. Regards, Karen.

Karen has been good about sending me pictures and updates, but she is not the only one who has been out there bringing heaven to earth. If you have pictures and stories to share please send them to me at somerville@fbcrichmond.org and type “KOH2RVA” in the subject line.

Maybe something you do today will end up on this blog tomorrow.

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