KOH2RVA: Day 214

dandelion_blowing_in_wind_1Yesterday I shared the prayer requests of church planters Jeremy and Monica, as they anticipated a gathering where they could talk to some “religiously curious” people about Jesus.  Jeremy’s report on that gathering, below, sounds like something right out of the Book of Acts (if Acts had been written by a hip twenty-something living in Richmond, Virginia, in 2013). Take a look:

Thank you for your prayers! Sometimes I laugh at how the Lord does things – He can be sovereignly and graciously eccentric (His ways are NOT our ways!). His love is spectacular to behold and to flesh out towards others! Here are the results of our faith talk gathering this past weekend:

It was so cool! (1) While the gathering was small, a larger number of people have now entered into deeper dialogue concerning Jesus. (2) One girl expressed that she wants to understand the Bible and find purpose in life. She is not connected to any church at the moment, and doesn’t know fully what it means to be a follower of Jesus, but the conversation is in motion and we will be following up with her! (3) One friend (who knows Jesus, and came to our gathering) expressed to us that he wanted to know more about sharing his faith with others. During this meeting he was actually a vital part of sharing Christ!!! He did an excellent job in opening up and sharing about his walk with the Lord. We were extremely blessed to have him on our team.

BUT IT GETS BETTER! After the gathering was over, one girl stopped by (she was not originally at the gathering). She opened up to us claiming that her “religious experience” was dismal. She’s been distanced from Jesus because of her lack of understanding. She claimed that no one can know anything spiritually, but yet she is searching with deep emotion. So we TOTALLY declared that Jesus is making HIS KINGDOM available to HER! It was SO COOL! The Holy Spirit moved and she was like, “dude, I TOTALLY GET IT!” We shared the gospel with her but there is still a hangup in her heart towards jumping in towards being a Jesus follower. She told us she is super interested in having more conversations like this and feels a deep need for more! PRAISE THE LORD for what He is doing in her life!!!

Then our neighbor (who also wasn’t at the gathering) invited all three of us to come up for an unexpected dinner. We went up and GOD WAS AT WORK! Other neighbors were up there and everyone started talking more about what it means to walk by faith. Another man in our building is a believer, and he was present and contributed greatly by planting many seeds of truth. One young lady (who we never met before) was up there and she opened up about serious issues in her spiritual walk and was listening to Monica share the gospel while I was sharing with another young lady about how we need Jesus to bring light and healing to our insecurities and fears. Meanwhile the other believing man was also sharing – it was as if the Holy Spirit was bouncing off the walls in that room, because there was a sweet team effort going on in sharing the glory of Christ! Hahaha, it was incredible!

What a great day! For those of you praying for us, please mark this past weekend as a turning point: there is now a growing multiplicity of Jesus conversations throughout our building, neighborhood and city! People are walking beyond the superficial relationships into realms of understanding more about JESUS! Praise the Lord!

Peace and grace to you all! Jeremy and Monica

PS – that other guy, is putting on an ice cream night for our building this weekend, so pray for more opportunities to share Jesus! It is great having another believer in our building working with us for the purpose of reaching those who are lost!

I love the way these two are letting themselves be used, and by the way they marvel every time God does something through them.  I wonder what God might do through us today if we let him have his way?  Would the Kingdom of Heaven come a little bit closer to Richmond, Virginia?

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