KOH2RVA: Day 238

Here you are, friends: a 21-second glimpse of yesterday’s Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School “Spring Bash,” a festival conceived and executed mostly by First Baptist member Melissa Brooks, with lots of help from Joyce Clemmons and the FBC Generosity Team.

I talked with head of school Mike Maruca briefly who confessed that he had done almost nothing to bring about the “Bash.” “This is our first one,” he said, “but it seems to be going beautifully. Thank you so much First Baptist Church!”

Thanks to the 30+volunteers who showed up to help with games and prizes.  This was one of those days when it really did feel like we were on a mission trip, and everybody was helping to make it a success.  I am so proud of First Baptist right now, I’m about to start dancing like the girl in the yellow shirt, above.


2 thoughts on “KOH2RVA: Day 238

  1. And you did such a great job at doing the Harlem Shake, I really do hope someone got it on video. I know I had a blast in the prize centre with the kids helping them select their prizes and trying to convince them that they needed to go play more games to get the better ones. Also kudos to Joyce, Joy, Chuck and myself as members of the Generosity team for the time we put into putting our share of this “bash” together.

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