KOH2RVA: Day 245

2013-05-11 12.18.51I confess: I did not bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, yesterday. Instead I drove to Fredericksburg for my daughter Catherine’s college graduation. But there was something heavenly about it all the same. I found myself full of emotion, and every time a family cheered for a son or daughter whose name was called a lump would rise in my throat. I thought about how many hours were represented by that moment: hours of caring for those children, watching them grow, teaching them to tie their shoes, taking them to school for the first time, and now this—this culminating moment when all those hours were rewarded by the calling of a name.

When Catherine’s name was called I stood and cheered as awkwardly as all the other parents. I wish I had done it better, more enthusiastically. I wish I had brought an air horn. I wish she could have heard my voice above all those other voices and known just how proud of her I was in that moment and yet, somehow, no prouder than I have been in every moment of her life.

No, I didn’t bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond yesterday. I hope somebody did. I was busy in Fredericksburg, holding on to the heaven I have, and storing up for those times when heaven seems far, far away.

I love you, Catherine.

5 thoughts on “KOH2RVA: Day 245

  1. Catherine is a beautiful girl, inside and out, with a fantastic future! I’m looking forward to how she and the Lord will write her story! I loved your line:” …how proud of her I was in that moment and yet, somehow, no prouder than I have been in every moment of her life.” Well said.

  2. This was a great way to recharge. There is nothing better than those moments your children and grandchildren (someday for you) achieve what they have worked so hard for. It is Heaven on Earth on those days.

  3. I join Beth and Lynne in assuring you that while it might not have been quite as obviously just you working at it, clearly in Catherine (along with Christy & others who love your daughter) yesterday you brought quite a bit of heaven to earth, whether in Richmond or elsewhere that God leads her! Blessings for you all!

  4. Thank you Jim for sharing one of your proudest moments with us. I felt I was experiencing heaven when I was reading it. And heaven is closer for me after I finished reading. We love you and your family:-)

  5. Congratulations to Catherine on her graduation and best wishes to her as she begins her post-college life. no you may not have brought the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond on Saturday, but it sounds as if a little bit of the Kingdom of Heaven was brought to you and Christy in Fredericksburg on Saturday.

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