Taking a Day Off – The Importance of Sabbath-Keeping

Too busy to blog this morning, but I hope some of you will be able to keep the sabbath. Thanks to Meredith Holladay for this faithful summary of the workshop I led at the CBF General Assembly. I think there’s something here not only for ministers, but for everyone.


The following post is from Meredith Holladay, Associate Pastor for Spiritual Formation at First Baptist Church, Lawrence, Kansas. She wrote her dissertation at Baylor University on theology and popular music, and will gladly swap music recommendations. Though in Jawhawk territory, she’s originally from Louisville and can’t wait for Louisville basketball to start once again!

On Friday, June 28, Holladay attended the CBF General Assembly workshop led by Jim Somerville, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Richmond, Va., titled “Taking a Day Off – The Importance of Sabbath-Keeping in the Minister’s Life.” Below are Holladay’s reflections.

by Meredith HolladayMeredith Holladay

“You know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to hold the reservation. And that’s really the most important part of the reservation.” So goes a scene from Seinfeld, where Jerry is picking up a car, and, although he made a reservation for a specific car, the agency doesn’t…

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