KOH2RVA: Day 301

FrontPorchFrontofHse 042Today we will commission five different mission teams at Richmond’s First Baptist Church. Two will go to South Africa, one will go to Arkansas, one will go to the Philippines and then on to Singapore for the Baptist World Alliance Youth Conference, and one person (Skyler Cumbia) will go to Ghana. It’s a good reminder that First Baptist is not only interested in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, but to the whole world. We focus on Richmond simply because this is the place where we live, and the place that we love more than any other place in the world.

Not that there aren’t some other wonderful places.

I’ll be leaving Richmond just after the 11:00 worship service today for two weeks’ vacation in the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Catskills of New York. I’m going to walk in the woods, sit on the front porch, read good books, eat good food, and rest, rest, rest. I won’t be blogging for the next two weeks, but it would be a great time to dig through the archives and be reminded of all we have accomplished together in the last 301 days.

I will be counting on those of you who are still in town to carry on the mission, and to surprise me with all the good ways you have brought heaven to earth when I get back. One of the things we’re going to do shortly after my return is gather at the river on July 21 for the Sixth Annual FBC River Baptism. Please be in prayer for those who are preparing to be baptized, and join us if you can for that very special event.

Know, as I go, that some part of my heart will remain here in Richmond, and that I will look forward to being back with you here and getting on with our mission. But for the next two weeks I’m going to do my best to rest, remembering that even Jesus withdrew from time to time. I think I understand now, more than ever, why he had to.

Bringing heaven to earth is hard work!

Thanks for your help.

4 thoughts on “KOH2RVA: Day 301

  1. Enjoy your time off. If on your itinerary, Vermont’s Green Mountain Trail is a magnificent hike. I took the FBC Scout troop on a 70-mile back-packing trip along the southernmost section in 1991. Grandma Moses museum in Bennington was good too.

  2. Have a well deserved vacation! May the kingdom of heaven come closer for you as you experience some of God’s glorious creation!

  3. You are going to be in my home territory. My family is only about 30-40 miles from the NY/Vermont border, near the Grandma Moses museum. Vermont is beautiful. Also love the Catskills. There are so many great little places there. You, being a hiker, will be very happy. There are tons of places to stretch your legs. Enjoy the area. It is beautiful.

  4. You certainly do deserve this time for rest and relaxation. I hope you are getting some peace and quiet too. You have chosen a beautiful and quaint part of the country to visit. #1 Monument Avenue in Bennington was my aunt and uncle’s home for years.

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