KOH2RVA: Day 354

ChloeAfter worship on Sunday Chloe Buchanan approached me shyly and asked if she could be one of my guest bloggers. Chloe is in the youth group at First Baptist Church. She said she was writing something about what KOH2RVA had meant to her and wondered if I would be interested in publishing it on my blog. “Absolutely!” I said, and encouraged her to send it to me as soon as possible.

She sent it the next day, but because of the backlog in my email inbox I didn’t find it until yesterday. But it’s all for the best. Today is my day off and I’m driving to West Virginia to see my parents. I didn’t really have time to blog. So, a huge thank you to Chloe for wanting to put into words what this year-long, every-member mission trip has meant to her, and for doing it so beautifully.

Here are her thoughts:

Before our church’s year long mission trip, KOH2RVA, started I just went on doing my daily routine without any thought about what God’s purpose was for me. For kids, well young adults my age we’re mostly focused on school, friends, and for some their first job. We go to church on Sundays, Wednesday nights, and might even volunteer on Saturday, but that’s where church stops. At my age there are so many distractions we face on a daily basis. I faced the struggle to make my time with The Lord everyday, and honestly it wasn’t on the top of my to-do list.

Since KOH2RVA started I have taken the extra effort to search for what God is trying to show me everyday. Whether it be how the sun shines through the clouds or that the checkout lady needs her day brightened up. I have also taken more time to just be still, reflect, and to know that The Lord is almighty. I have found that if you can make that extra few seconds to either reflect or pray for someone it can change not just your day but others as well.

One of my biggest focuses this year has been my walk with The Lord and how I can help others. My youth group has brought both of those together throughout the year. One of those moments happened while on a mission trip in Nickelsville Virginia. During the week we helped children, elders, and the less fortunate. I had already felt blessed for all that God had shown me through out the week but I was not expecting this. We were at a function called Nickelsville Days, there I met a women who proceeded in thanking me and blessing our youth group for what we have done and asked to pray with me. There, it hit me, just because we are a group of teenagers we have the power to make an impact on an entire town.

Now, there isn’t a day that goes by that God’s love and power isn’t present in some way. Even if you don’t have the gift of traveling elsewhere to do God’s work, you can do it here at home in Richmond. You can be any age, 1 or 101, if you take that extra few seconds, you’ll have the power to change not just your life but someone else’s life too.

Chloe Buchanan is a student at Atlee High School, a member of First Baptist Church, and the great granddaughter of legendary pastor Theodore F. Adams.  Her mother, Julie Adams-Buchanan, recently contributed to this blog.

8 thoughts on “KOH2RVA: Day 354

  1. What a beautiful testimony! As you have pointed out in other blogs, there is something we all can find to do if we only make ourselves available. Thank you for sharing, Chloe and thank you for being available to God’s call.. .

  2. Thanks, Chloe, not only for being open to God’s call, but also recognizing it and sharing so beautifully with those of us who enjoy & NEED your inspiration! You’re living up to your family heritage in a great way, and give us a life for the day when we especially need it — Right on!

  3. What a beautiful testimony, Chloe. You are so right in all you said. One thing caught my eye, because it is one small way anyone can make a difference-the checkout lady. Everyone can find a way to brighten a day for someone else, which ends up brightening the day for all who meet that person you just helped. Think of drive-thru windows: someone who takes the order and speaks so you can hear and understand them, the person who takes your money with a big smile and a “have a nice day”, and the one who gives you your order with the same smile and upbeat comment. If you compliment them on how they acted, it will turn into a whole day of others receiving the same treatment. It also helps to compliment the manager if you can. It may not seem like much, but it can truly impact positively on all those on the receiving end. Your efforts, Chloe, have certainly had a wonderful impact on the KOH in Richmond, and other places you went. Bless you.

  4. Chloe, you turned around during our greeting time at the beginning of service this past Sunday and gave me the biggest smile. As I drove home after church your smile kept smiling at me and I was thinking what a warm gesture it was. God is in your heart and it certainly shows. Thank you for sharing your testimony and making a difference on the youth retreat in Nickelsville. You are becoming a leader for Christ and you will continue to share your love for God to others your age. Thank you Chloe!!!

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