KOH2RVA: Day 362

orange hairMy new book arrived in the mail yesterday.

Let me be more specific: a new book arrived in the mail yesterday containing some of my devotional thoughts. It’s called Pause: moments to reflect, and it’s published by Passport Media (the same Passport that puts on mission camps for church youth groups each summer, camps that our youth have been attending for years).

Pause is a year’s worth of devotions from Passport’s popular d365 devotional website. A few years ago I was asked to write some of those devotions and this year they showed up in the book.

I had forgotten all about them.

So, what a surprise to open this mysterious package from Passport and find “my” book inside, and then what a surprise to find that the devotions I had written were based on the lectionary readings from last Sunday! Two of them were from the Gospel lesson about how to take your seat at a banquet and who to invite to a dinner party (Luke 14), but then I found this one from Hebrews 13, and it seemed to fit in so well with some of what we’ve been doing on this year-long, every-member mission trip called KOH2RVA that I wanted to share it with you here.

Here it is, from page 374:


This is one of those passages that haunts me.

The writer of Hebrews says that “some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Can you imagine? What if that homeless man you bought a hamburger for turned out to be a messenger of God? Then again, what if the homeless man you didn’t buy a hamburger for turned out to be a messenger of God?

That’s the part that haunts me.

So, I try to imagine that everyone might be someone God has put in my path, that anyone might have a message from God for me—the old man sitting in his wheelchair at the nursing home, that girl with the bright orange hair and nose ring, the child with the sunken cheeks and hollow eyes. I try to think of all of them as angels without wings, but sometimes I get so busy I don’t even see them.

And that’s what haunts me.


Let’s keep our eyes open today, friends. There are lots of “angels without wings” in Richmond. One of them may be waiting for a kind word or deed from you.

2 thoughts on “KOH2RVA: Day 362

  1. Oh my goodness. This is wonderful. While I was waiting for my computer to boot up, I was looking at the books I have accumulated for the project on acceptance I’m working on. I opened this blog to find that it speaks to what was running through my head at the time. I love this and it is so true. I’ve got a lot to think about. Maybe I need to think differently about all those folks on every corner in the city with signs about what they need. Thanks

  2. Jim – many years ago, when I was serving in my first church I went on a youth mission trip to Chicago. One of our stops was at the Pacific Garden Mission in downtown Chicago. This place has reached out to so many it is called the “Old Lighthouse”. To my point, as I sat in that place with the down and out, the castaways, the hurting and the hopeless God whispered in my ear “I love them just as much as I love you!” I knew that in my head, but that night it moved from my head to my heart.. When I see someone now in any of those conditions those words immediately come to mind and I whisper a prayer for the needs of that person.


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