My Heart Melts…

Harvest Moon

I got this email from Kai “Jay” Jing a couple of days ago.  Jay is a doctor from China who ended up at First Baptist through the outreach of our Radical Hospitality group.  He joined Michael Lipford’s Sunday school class, the Disciples, and soon became a disciple himself.  On August 18 of this year he was baptized in the James River, and ever since (he says) he has “understood everything” at church.

That’s almost a miracle.

I wanted to share his email simply because it is so full of grace, and gratitude, and generosity.  It makes me proud of those saints at First Baptist who reached out to Jay and inspired him to reach back.

Hi, everyone, 

Today is a Mid-Autumn day in Chinese lunar calendar, it is a important festival for gathering and reunion of a family, just like thanks giving day in U.S.

I just want to say, thank you, Ralph, Jim, and the disciples of the bible study class, thank you to keep me accompany when I am here alone in RVA, but I don’t feel lonely. 

Last Mid-Autumn day, I found my spiritual home—-FBC; and this Mid-Autumn day, I have melted in it, the Kingdom of Heaven in RVA.

In the day, we usually enjoy the beautiful view of the moon, which is the metaphor of the family reunion (share the picture above with the members & friends of FBC, please), and eat the moon cakes (I don’t have any here, I would share with you if you stop by my city in China, on the festival).

Have a good weekend.


One thought on “My Heart Melts…

  1. So glad you shared Jay’s email for all to see. He had shared it with our Sunday School class and I loved it. The picture is beautiful and the thoughts he shares are beautiful as well. How wonderful that we can be his extended family.

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