Field of Dreams, Part II

Cari DuVal is figuring out how to bring the KOHX2 (Kingdom of Heaven times Two) by partnering with others to bring heaven to earth.


Cari3Recently I posted an article by Joe Kendrick about the “Field of Dreams” his church uses to engage neighborhood kids in friendly, pick-up softball games. Today, without implying a trend, I want to post an email message from Cari DuVal in which she reports on a pick-up kickball game at Essex Village.

I’ve written about Essex Village many times on my own blog. I first described it as: “an apartment complex on Laburnum Avenue, where there are 544 children, many of them living in single parent homes. The crime rate in Essex Village is twice the national average.” That crime rate statistic made the members of Richmond’s First Baptist Church a little nervous the first few times we went to Essex Village, but by the end of our year-long, every-member mission trip (KOH2RVA), we felt at home there.

At least, some of us did.

Cari DuVal is one of those…

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