A Letter from Jerry

Shoppers Hunt for Post Holiday Bargains in AustinJerry first wrote to me as a regular viewer of the Sunday morning worship service from First Baptist Church on Richmond’s Channel 8.  Then he started to visit church a few times a month, usually at the 8:30 service.  Then he decided to join and join us in our mission of bringing the KOH2RVA (the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia).  That may have been the first time he and his son Travis gave $100 away to a needy family.  Now it’s become a Christmas tradition, and I believe heaven comes a little closer to earth each year.  Here’s this year’s story, in Jerry’s own words.


Hi Jim,

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Thought you might enjoy hearing about Travis and my Christmas eve card.

As we do every year we place $100 in a Christmas card signed “with love from God”. We headed to a dollar store in a modest income area.

We scoped out the store and within a few minutes we overheard a conversation between two women (probably mother and daughter). I guess their ages to be 45ish and 70ish. They were discussing a friend spending the night at their house because the friend was depressed because she did not have a Christmas tree. Upon further observation we saw they were purchasing canned food and bread….at the dollar store. Travis nodded at me and I gave him the go ahead. He approached the younger woman and handed her the card and wished her a Merry Christmas. She looked dumbfounded but wished us both a Merry Christmas in return. We smiled and immediately left the store. Travis said out of the corner of him eye he saw the woman opening the card.

Next Travis and I went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. We talked about how God might be pleased with us for anonymously helping someone out. The secret being giving the glory to God who provided us with the means and the privilege. We believe the folks we help out every Christmas eve will know and tell their friends of a Christmas miracle…..and that this goodness will spread.

This is the most special thing we do all year. We love it.

Your Friends,

Jerry and Travis

One thought on “A Letter from Jerry

  1. What a lovely idea! When my girls were small, one of the things we especially enjoyed about Christmas was adopting a family with children similar in age to ours — it was always special to deliver the gifts on Christmas Eve. We are so blessed — more than we often take time to remember!

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