What a Friend I Have in Jesus?

jesusHere’s one for the record:

I joined Facebook at the suggestion of our media minister, David Powers, who assured me that this social-networking web site would be an excellent way to stay in touch with our membership.  He was right about that.  On Facebook I have become “friends” with most of the youth of  Richmond’s First Baptist Church, and a number of other people like myself who are probably too old to understand what the youth are talking about (I’ve suggested that we start our own social-networking site called “Pruneface,” but so far no one has taken me up on the idea ).  Still, we have swapped photos, traded compliments, and had a few good laughs.  It really is a “friendly” place on the Internet, and you can add to your network of friends by sending a “friend request” to someone else.

So, I thought I would ask Jesus to be my friend.

I typed his name in the “Friend Finder” box and sent my request.  Within seconds I had a long list of responses.  The first was a guy named Jesus Edgardo Garcia Briales (no surprise there, really), but next on the list was “theLord andSaviour JesusChrist.” 

I was surprised to see that Jesus and I shared only one mutual friend (good for you, Meredith), but even more surprised to see that “theLord andSaviour JesusChrist” had only 11 Facebook friends total.  How sad!  So I sent him a friend request right away.  Facebook told me that “theLord” would have to confirm that we were friends before adding me to his list (which was a little embarrassing), but while I was waiting a box popped up with pictures of some of my other Facebook friends and this suggestion: “Select friends of yours who know theLord.”   Well!  Nearly all my friends know theLord.  They might be offended if a box popped up on their computer screen announcing: “theLord wants to be your friend.”

On the other hand, they might be honored.  I know I would.  I sent my friend request to theLord nearly six hours ago and I still haven’t gotten a confirmation. 

Come on, Jesus.  Don’t leave me hanging.  It’s nearly 7:30 on a Friday night…

I could use a friend.